For this method, you will need а Facebook account of an attractive girl. If you have a suitable account to use go ahead and change it according to the tips below. , you will need а Facebook account of an attractive girl. If you have a suitable account to use go ahead and change it according to the tips below.

If you don’t have a suitable account. you can either create a new one or purchase one from (it will cost less than a dollar, but you need a PayPal account to pay with). If you create a new account, make sure you follow all the below tips:

Smartlink dating promotion method

– Create a new email account for your new Facebook account. Do not use an email account that you used for another Facebook account (even if you have already removed it from the previous account).
– If you have used more than 5 Facebook accounts from your personal computer,

it is recommended to use a Proxy. You can use a free service such as HideMyAss.

– Create a female Facebook account with profile
information that looks real. You can use:
FakeNameGenerator if you don’t feel like making it all
up 🙂
– Make sure you use photos of a very attractive girl. nclude at least 10 photos in the account and set up a cover photo as well. You can use provocative photos but you should never post nude photos on Facebook.
– Make sure you choose a good profile picture. Think about how the thumbnail will look like. Best type of photo you can chose is a portrait of the girl’s face.
– Set up as much profile information as possible. This makes the account look real and it’s very important for gathering friends and/or followers.
– Enable followers in the account settings page.
– Verify your Facebook account with phone. If you have
used your phone number to verify your personal Facebook account, just login and remove the phone
number from your account. You can now use the same number to verify another Facebook account.

2. Start gathering friends and followers.
This is the most important part of this method. As fast you can gain friends and followers, the more money you will make. That’s a general rule.
There are a few ways of getting friends and followers listed below, however this is the point where you need to get creative. Think about other methods to obtain friends and followers to make the process as fast as possible. Remember that Facebook haves a 5000 friends limit, so chose carefully what requests to accept and what not to. We are going to be promoting dating sites, so you only need men. Don’t accept or send requests to/from women as they don’t sign-up for dating sites as often as men and this will bring your earnings down. Those are the countries you should focus on:

 United States
 United
 Canada
 Germany
 France
 Australia
 Italy
 New Zealand
 South Africa
 Spain
 Sweden
 Norway
 Switzerland
 Denmark
 Austria
 Ireland
 Finland
 Belgium
 Netherlands

Don’t waste your time and friend slots for people from
other countries than those above. You need to focus on this
list, because those are the countries that will make you the
most money.
Examples on how to get new friends and followers fast:
 If you have filled all the profile info like hometown,
high-school, college and workplace, Facebook will
start suggesting you friends right away. Start sending
friend request to the men suggested to you by
Facebook. In the beginning while your account is
brand new, do not send more than 20-30 friend
requests because you risk getting your account
 Join groups and be active on them. Post comments
and wall posts in groups, such as introducing yourself
and inviting men to send you friend requests. Try to
find groups with mostly men member base (such as
groups for cars, construction, football and other stuff
that are more famous for men than women).
 Find and like fan pages related to dating sites. All fan
pages focusing on posting girl photos are suitable.
Their audience is exactly what you need – men
interested in women. Like the posts of such fan pages
in order to see their future posts in your news feed.
Comment on their posts so their fans see you and send
you friend requests. The more you do this, the more
exposure you will get for your accounts.
 Use free dating sites. A lot of dating sites are free to
join for female members. Just sign-up, create an
account and put your Facebook profile link in the
profile description section of the dating site.
 Use forums to gain friends and followers. Join various
forums, post a few comments on threads you have
something to say about and then add your profile link
to your signature with a text inviting men to join you
on Facebook.
 Use other social media accounts to promote your new
Facebook account.
Again, this is extremely important part of the method. Be
creative, think of other ways to increase or
friends/followers base. It is the key to increasing your

3. Post a link and make money.
As we discussed in the beginning we will be promoting dating
sites. However, there is a problem here. There are a lot of
dating sites and they all have specific conditions for the
registrations they are paying for, such as country, device
type, age and others.
All these criteria determine the amount of money you are
getting paid for each sign-up you will bring to the dating sites.
So, to cover all the 19 countries listed in point 1 and all device
types and ages, you will need a lot of dating sites.
Managing all of this can be a nightmare. Luckily there is a
simple solution for this part of the method. As soon as you
have 5000 Facebook friends or followers, you can apply for
an account with the adult affiliate network ClickFluxs.
After you get approved, you will receive a single link that
covers all the countries from pt. 1 (plus around 20 more), all
device types and all ages. You just have to post your link with
a photo of a pretty girl and that’s it!
You are making money! Everything is taken care of for you.
Your personal link is dedicated to your account and comes
with pre-installed landing page that leads visitors to the best
converting (earning you the most money per visitor) dating
site, according to their country and device type.
All you need to do is post your link. The system is doing all
the heavy lifting for you in the background, making sure you
will make the most out of what you have.

4. Advanced mode (Optional).
After you master the method with your first Facebook
account and you are indeed making money with it, you will
want to take things to the next level. This is where the
advanced mode comes in.
It is basically multiplying the method with multiple Facebook
accounts. Managing just one Facebook can take a lot of time,
so for scaling up you will need software automation.
MassPlanner is such a software, that can automate all the
tasks you will need to be performing with your new Facebook
accounts. The software costs $10 per month, but don’t invest
time and money into it right away.
Master the method first with one account so you can master
it with multiple account later. If you start right away with
multiple accounts, you will not know what you are doing.
You have to go through the method manually in order to
know how to set it up for automation. If you are going to use
more than 5 accounts, you will need proxies.

I can personally recommend SquidProxies. I have been using
them for 4 years now and I had no issues with them. Just let
them know what you need proxies for upon purchase, so
they can set you up with the best proxies for Facebook.

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